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Dec 7, 2008

Some Users Have Been Experiencing 100% Packet Loss

VoIP Spear has only been live for a few weeks, yet we're seeing good numbers of users signing up for service. It's nice to see the fruits of our labours.

One nice thing about going live is that we're finally seeing how real people use VoIP Spear. A few problems have come to light, the most common of which is that our VoIP testing isn't working for some users -- the MOS for their endpoints is always 1.0 (the lowest possible score). We figured out pretty quickly that this is happening because their router or firewall is blocking ping/ICMP traffic, resulting in 100% packet loss. VoIP Spear servers use ping/ICMP for running the tests to all of the endpoints.

The solution to this problem is to ask the affected users to unblock ping/ICMP traffic. This certainly works, however we decided it was time to implement a support/help section in the web site. It took a few days to create this and enter the content, however we're finished now and pleased with the results. We also think our users will appreciate having a resource to help solve their problems rather than having to email us.

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Nov 14, 2008

VoIP Spear Launches!

Great news, everybody! VoIP Spear is finally live. The Internet's finest VoIP QoS testing and tracking service is ready and raring to go.

We've worked hard to make VoIP Spear a compelling service right from the get go. Our Personal plan suits the needs of most casual users. It's free to use and lets you monitor one endpoint. For small businesses or users who need a little bit more, we can offer our Basic and Standard plans. Beyond that, we have our Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans which are perfect for carriers offering VoIP to their customers because these plans support many more endpoints. If you have more than 100 endpoints to track, please contact us and we'll work with you to develop a pricing model that suits your needs.

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