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Take a look at some of VoIP Spear's features below.


Track your VoIP quality 24x7

VoIP Spear monitors your VoIP quality all day, every day. Even when you're sleeping, VoIP Spear is there for you.

Email Alerts

VoIP Spear monitors your voice quality and alerts you when there's a problem. Be the first to know about call quality issues. Don't wait to for complaints from customers or people on the other end of the phone.

Customizable alerts give you complete control over who gets notified and how often.

Edit alerts

Interactive, easy-to-use charts

VoIP Spear's interactive charts are the easiest way to visualize the issues with your VoIP quality. You can quickly determine if your issues are caused by packet loss, latency, or jitter,

List users

Full user control

It's easy to add and manage user accounts with VoIP Spear.


Servers locate around the world

No matter where you're located, VoIP Spear's servers can monitor your call quality issues. We have more than 15 servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Rich Set of Data

VoiP Spear can show you a rich set of data to help you diagnose and solve your VoIP quality issues. We have a number of reports you can use to work with the data.

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Test From Your Own Servers

You can run VoIP Spear's testing software on your own servers. By doing this, you will get even more accurate data about your customer's voice quality.

Tester output