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VoIP Spear is a monitoring service. We track your voice quality and alert you when there's a problem. Be the first to know when your call quality is poor.
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  • Diamondvoice
    Thanks so much for your responsiveness. Customer service is important to us with our customers. When we find it, it is much appreciated!
    Jonathan Black Diamond Voice
  • Shri
    I have been using VoIPspear for a couple of years and I am liking it. I appreciate the VoIPspear technology and would like to continue using it.
    Kalyan Kumar Pasumarthy SHRI
  • Thumbs up
    Beautiful. Could not ask for more.
    Yakov CallnFax
  • Atos
    I showed [VoIP Spear info] to our VPN team and guess what they found? A 20 Meg cap on voice data. Yup that's a problem. Again thanks.
    Ralph Belfiore ATOS
  • Selkowitz
    This has got to be the best tool ever for monitoring VoIP networks - brilliantly simple and effective.
    Kevin Selkowitz STG Communications
  • Fonality
    VoIP Spear helps Fonality deliver a higher level of service for our customers by allowing us to proactively monitor and detect customer network issues.
    Chris Sherwood Fonality
  • Teledata
    VoIP Spear is a great tool that is simple yet delivers powerful data. The graphs are great while the raw data is integral for our technicians. We love VoIP Spear!
    Bill Braunschweiger Tele-Data Solutions
  • Bncvoice
    Just wanted to give you folks a heads up. Your product is excellent.
    Logan Stallings BNCVoice & Data
  • Virtualpbxphonesystems
    VoIP Spear can be the eyes in the sky for your VoIP service. They can identify an error or lack of call quality ... Businesses of any size can benefit from having VoIP Spear.
  • Craigarno
    Finally, a tool to help with my efforts to track down poor call quality! Your data allowed me just enough visibility to identify the problem.
    Craig Arno
  • Whichvoip
    An effective VoIP service is one that can be quickly diagnosed, and VoIP Spear provides the best tools for monitoring and diagnosing VoIP services.
    Holli Benjamin
  • Smithonvoip
    I saw the service. Very cool and I am fairly certain it will be very popular.
    Garrett Smith Smith on VoIP
  • Larryweiss
    We are finding your product very useful and appreciate that you have created this great tool. Thank you.
  • Gosutoconsulting
    Your service is invaluable. I love your service and gladly pay for it. It is awesome when arguing with ISPs especially.
  • Eriklagerway
    ... a great little service created by Toepoke Software. It’s a great tool for acquiring remote MOS data.
  • Lacanadawireless
    VoIP Spear was a real help.
  • Craigarno
    I already added to my list by recommending to a client. I suggested he first assess what QoS experience is provided by his own internet connection.
    Craig Arno
  • Facetcorp
    Your website continues to be very helpful to us and our VOIP customers. The first thing we do when talking to a new customer is to set them up on VoIP Spear.
    Larry Mayfield FacetCorp
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It's so frustrating when voice quality is bad ...

Hang up and Try again!

Call quality problems always seem to occur at the worst times. It's frustrating to ask "can you hear me?" or "can you say that again?" over and over.

The Blame Game

The VoIP service provider blames the ISP and the ISP blames the service provider. The fact is, call quality issues are intermittent so the problem is usually fixed by the time tech support looks at it.

VoIP Spear Can Help You Solve Your Problems

Track VoIP Quality 24x7

Call quality issues are intermittent, meaning that it's often the case they're no longer occurring by the time tech support gets involved. VoIP Spear monitors your VoIP quality all day, every day. Even when you're sleeping, VoIP Spear is there for you.


Easy to understand MOS

VoIP Spear provides you a numerical score for your voice quality ranging from bad (1) to perfect (5). This is called MOS, Mean Opinion Score, and it's an industry standard for measuring voice quality.

Our customers look at their VoIP quality using our charts which track MOS over time.


Test from around the world

VoIP Spear has servers in more than 15 major cities all over the world so you can test your VoIP most effectively. Our servers are located in North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.


Email Alerts

VoIP Spear monitors your voice quality and alerts you when there's a problem. Be the first to know about call quality issues. Don't wait to for complaints from customers or people on the other end of the phone.

Customizable alerts give you complete control over who gets notified and how often.

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