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Feb 1, 2009

The VoIP Spear API is ready

The VoIP Spear API is ready at last. It's pretty easy to use, though you can judge for yourself after reading the instructions. The API is RESTful meaning that it's lightweight and easy to learn. I'd imagine it's easier to learn a RESTful API rather than one based on SOAP or XML-RPC.

We have a few customers who have been asking for the API already, so it will be interesting to see what they can come up for VoIP Spear mashups and add-ons.

The VoIP Spear API is available to those customers who are signed up on the Bronze plan ($25 per month) or greater. Check our prices to see if you can use the API with your VoIP Spear account.

One last thing: feel free to suggest any changes or additions to the API. We've left some of VoIP Spear's features out of the API because we thought they were unnecessary (in the API). If you think differently, let us know.

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