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VoIP Spear Goes Global

Published: Jan 30 Filed Under: news

We start the year right at VoIP Spear! Beginning January, you can now select your testing servers from multiple locations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America for each of your endpoints. This means that you can get the most accurate results by choosing locations closer to your endpoints.

  • North America: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami
  • Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Milan, Madrid
  • Asia: Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, India (Chennai)
  • South America: Chile (Vina del Mar)

Is Your Business Ready to Switch to VoIP

Published: Dec 24 Filed Under: noise

2014 draws near as VoIP continues to make headway into telecommunications, practically taking over chunks of what used to be wireline companies' market. VoIP technologies and services have greatly improved through the years. Costs have remained consistent, if not lower. And network support is better than ever. It is a great time to make that big VoIP switch. But before you take the next step, switching to VoIP may not be for everyone -- at least not yet.

Ask yourself three questions:


Dealing with Holiday VoIP Traffic

Published: Dec 2 Filed Under: noise

Thanksgiving might be over but there's still Christmas and New Year's Eve coming. Valentine's Day is also not too far off. There will be a lot of voice traffic in the next few months. You have to be prepared for this. You need to stay accessible with good quality VoIP service; and there are things you can do on your end to ensure this.


A Guide to Transitioning to VoIP

Published: Nov 6 Filed Under: noise

At VoIP Spear, we believe that VoIP is the next step in the development of telecommunications. Anything that is not moving toward VoIP - transitioning into using it as their main means of communication, or at least trying out the technology through free accounts - is missing out on immense benefits: savings, telecommunications convergence, and accessibility, among others. But there are many who do miss out, partly because of the notion that transitioning to VoIP is complicated.

This isn't really the case. Switching to VoIP can be quick and simple, even for businesses. Of course, there's a lot more investment necessary for those wanting corporate VoIP accounts. Still, the long term savings will make up for it. Here's a quick guide to help you transition to VoIP.


VoIP Problems: How to Deal with Packet Delays

Published: Sep 17 Filed Under: noise

VoIP sometimes gets a bad rep because of data packet delays, which lessen audio and video quality. The effect of packet delays to VoIP quality varies – and there will always be packet delays.

Delays are natural occurrences in telecommunications, even traditional communications. After all, voice and data travel through a series of systems: from satellites to landlines, or from servers to landlines to your digital phone. The difference between one service and another is the amount of delay. And delay has a direct effect on the quality of communications.