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Jan 29, 2014

VoIP Spear Goes Global

We start the year right at VoIP Spear! Beginning January, you can now select your testing servers from multiple locations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America for each of your endpoints. This means that you can get the most accurate results by choosing locations closer to your endpoints.

  • North America: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami
  • Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Milan, Madrid
  • Asia: Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, India (Chennai)
  • South America: Chile (Vina del Mar)

You can specify VoIP testing servers when you create or edit your endpoints. The testing locations are at the bottom section of your endpoint setup page.

We've been working on this for more than 6 months, and we're happy with the results. As always, we want to provide our clients with the best VoIP testing and monitoring service. With this new development, you can get a clearer picture of your VoIP quality.

You can expect a lot more to come. Service upgrades are in the works, and we're relentless. We want VoIP Spear to be your top VoIP monitoring and testing choice!

Are you new to VoIP Spear? Check what the fuss is about and get on the road to better VoIP quality: http://voipspear.com/signup

Davide says: Posted on Feb 9 7:15am
Any plans for an Australian server?
Abdul R says: Posted on Mar 5 1:48pm
This will must austrlian based hosts..
Henry says: Posted on Apr 30 1:46am
We are working on this right now. We have an Australian server provisioned and are just testing it right now.
Atul Chauhan says: Posted on Dec 5 9:59pm
Any plans for an server based in Kenya ?
Henry says: Posted on Jan 7 10:53pm
Unfortunately, we don't have any plans for a server in Kenya. I'll let you know if things change.

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