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Nov 13, 2014

Two New VoIP Spear Reviews

I was surfing recently when I stumbled across two nifty little posts about VoIP Spear.

Testing your Network Connection for Packet Loss and Latency

"Testing Your Network Connection for Packet Loss and Latency" was written in April by Tely Labs. They have included a large screenshot showing one of our VoIP Spear charts so the post looks very nice.

I like how the post is a "How To" guide for using VoIP Spear. For example, it explains that an endpoint is "defined as your public IP" and that latency is "a synonym for delay". As someone who is immersed all day long in the world of VoIP troubleshooting, I sometimes forget what a normal perspective is.

The post's last section is also pretty useful. It talks about the type of information you should have handy if you want to call up your ISP to report a VoIP call quality issue. It has me thinking about how we can build some of this information into VoIP Spear.

Guesstimating Quality of VoIP

Mike Shoup's blog has a posting about VoIP Spear titled Guestimating Quality of VoIP pt. 2: VoIP Spear. Mike sounds just like many of our customers -- a home user who needs VoIP Spear to keep an eye on his call quality.

I appreciate Mike's suggestion at the end for users with dynamic IP addresses. VoIP Spear doesn't only work with IP addresses -- you can also enter your endpoints as FQDN's. VoIP Spear will resolve those to IP addresses.

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