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Nov 25, 2019

Hosted VoIP to Take Off Now that "Telephony is Dead"

I just finished reading an interesting rebuttal to the comments by the ConnectWise CEO that "Telephony is dead."

George Bellini, the author of the post, counters:

...telephony is THRIVING and no time is better than the present to offer your customers the answer that you have chosen to provide and add value by being a single source technology provider.

I have to agree with Bellini. Telephone is alive and well. It's merely just a subset of telephony, the on-premise PBX market, that is suffering. Bellini wrote a post about this a few months back.

The strengthening of the hosted PBX market is good news for VoIP Spear. As PBX's move off the network the phones are on, it becomes increasingly important for firms to monitor the connection between PBX and phones.

What's more, the same Internet connection that the phones are using to connect back to the PBX is also being used for other features -- chat, email, online meetings, etc. Using VoIP Spear to monitor your VoIP quality also means you are using VoIP Spear to monitor the performance of those other applications.

Raushan Lal says: Posted on Jul 19 3:52am
"Telephony is Dead" really..?? Whenever I think about VoIP one question comes into my mind. I think in future this will happen telephony will dead and VoIP will become king but in the current era Telephony is Still King.

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