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Jul 30, 2019

Outsourcing Your VoIP Infrastructure

Cloud-hosted service is not just a buzzword. The industry has taken hold of enough of its market such that it can make all the noise it wants. It is something that is here to stay.

The mindset that moves it forward is the increasing openness to outsourcing. The premium given to exclusivity and internality is long gone. After all, why insist on being exclusive and internal when what you have isn't the most optimal system for your needs?

You can improve how you do business, and save money at the same time by outsourcing some of your business functions.

In the realm of VoIP, outsourcing to cloud-hosted service providers has spurred its unprecedented growth. Prior this great time in digital communications, companies had to invest a huge amount of funds initially before they could enjoy the benefits of VoIP. Now, all companies need to consider is the features that they need, their required phone lines, and their ability to pay the monthly or yearly fees.

Switching to VoIP is something that needs to be planned. But yes, it is now that simple. You just have to take the next step.

If You're A Small to Medium-Scale Business

Cloud-hosted VoIP services is perfect for small to medium-scale businesses, especially start-ups. Cloud VoIP makes the features and benefits of unified communications available to you in easy-to-manage monthly or yearly payment terms.

This is useful for any business that needs to focus their time, expertise and funds in growing their business. Put your time and money in improving your products and services.

Invest in marketing to your target audience. Cloud-hosted services for VoIP communications – among others, such as email, virtual desktop, database and web services – let you equip your business with what you need to forge ahead.

If you go for VoIP at this stage of your business, you can expect to fast-track growth. The key is to guarantee that your system is in place, working 99.99% of the time.

This is where VoIP Spear comes in. For only $15.95 or $25.95 per month, you can get an Office or Pro VoIP monitoring plan that monitors 3 to 5 network endpoints from up to 3 globally located testing servers. Stay on top of your VoIP; and you stay on top of your business.

If You're a Big Business

If you've “been there and done that” and are now an industry leader, don't skip on cloud-hosted services and VoIP, as well as VoIP monitoring.

The key to big business' continued dominance is “trimming the fat.” This strategy of letting go of non-essential departments keeps a big organization functioning optimally and profitably. Case in point is the fact that several Fortune 500 companies have outsourced support to countries like India and the Philippines.

It's the same way with your digital communications, VoIP monitoring and other services that can be provided through cloud computing. When you want a tighter organization where your workforce are focused on your core competencies – what your company is really about – you need to outsource these functions.

Use the services of cloud computing companies to turn your company into a leaner, meaner competitor. Take advantage of the savings and technology advancement that are possible through VoIP. While you're at it, guarantee that you're always connected through the global call testing services of VoIP Spear. The Pro Plus or Carrier Plan suits big business needs.

If You're A VoIP Service Provider

At the center of a lot of this infrastructure outsourcing is the VoIP service provider. If you're one of them, you know that competition is tough. As the number of users increase, so with the number of providers.

You need to be a step ahead, and ensure that your service is top notch. For this, you need VoIP Spear's Carrier plans. Plans start at $99.95 per month.

Sure, you may have set up your own call testing system. This isn't always foolproof. The best service duplicates testing from as many testing servers as possible. While this needs a bundle to set up and maintain, you can cut cost with a reliable call monitoring service, such as VoIP Spear.

Find out more about our service packages here: http://voipspear.com/pricing

Offshore Business Processing says: Posted on May 13 8:21pm
One of the good thing when outsourcing voIP is you have more time for you core tasks, such as utilizing your marketing department or looking for more potential business clients. With outsourcing, everything including the professionals are ready and you just simply need to pay for the services. Outsourcing your support function is without a doubt a viable way of saving money.

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