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Sep 21, 2009

More Signs VoIP is Hitting the Main Stream

It's not news that VoIP is becoming more and more mainstream all the time, but it sometimes amazes me how far it's come. I first started up a VoIP company about 9 years ago and VoIP was so far out on the fringes that we would never use that term when speaking to customers.

Today, I came across a blog posting about potential uses for VoIP in a physician's medical practice. Seven Great Applications for IP-PBXs in the Medical Practice is a quick read and worth a few minutes of your time. For me, the most interesting takeaway from the article is that it confirms how far into the mainstream VoIP is when there's articles discussing its uses for such a narrow vertical.

And as VoIP use increases and becomes more commonplace, there will be an increased need for our VoIP Spear monitoring service.

Call Centers in the Philippines says: Posted on Feb 4 2:06am
I agree with this. Despite the long road ahead, consumer and business migration to VoIP is on the verge of moving out of the early adoption phase and into the mainstream, and the next two years will mark the turning point when widespread VoIP use finally begins to take of. - Jaime
business VOIP says: Posted on Mar 22 1:27pm
VOIP is revolutionizing the way people communicate with each other. The days of expensive long distance and international phone calls are almost over, with more and more people finding the value in VOIP service.
Call Center Philippines says: Posted on Mar 23 7:20am
Everybody from small business owners to major corporations and not to mention households worldwide are starting to see the benefits of VoIP. VoIP saves money and cost efficient. Whether you're using VoIP for your residence or your business, you'll find it to be a lot cheaper than your normal landline telephone cost, be it short or long distance calls. However, the cost varies from one voip provider to another. Some allow unlimited calls and some charges only a small fee. Tina
Best Voip says: Posted on Nov 6 2:17pm
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Voip phone says: Posted on Oct 11 9:02am
Cannot agree more on the voip is gaining more weight in the main stream.

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