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New codecs!

Published: May 17 Filed Under:

VoIP Spear has always included the ability to calculate MOS using the big three codecs of VoIP: G.711, G.723, and G.729. We've recently added support for GSM, G.722, Speex, and iLBC.

VoIP Spear uses the E-Model of computation for estimating MOS from network statistics like packet loss, latency, and jitter. In order to complete the E-model calculations, we need to know some characteristics about each codec. For example, how much does the codec itself degrade voice quality. Another characteristic would be: how does the codec perform under packet loss conditions.


The Internet is wonderful

Published: Jul 30 Filed Under:

My family and I are on holiday in Croatia right now. We're staying in a bungalow on the Adriatic Sea in a little town called Brodarica and it's been very hot (35°C or 95°F). As I type this, I'm looking onto a peaceful morning on the Mediterranean. There's boats sailing by, children playing in the sea, and I can hear all sorts of sounds from birds and insects in the trees.

This morning, I logged into my VoIP Spear account to check how things have been going. There was a bunch of new signups, and a couple of new paid subscriptions since yesterday. I'm happy. In fact, I'm more than happy. I'm ecstatic. I'm able to keep tabs on my world (email, VoIP Spear) from the comfort of this other world.